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Generic Urispas 200 mg

Generic Urispas 200 mg online

Urispas is a synthetic spasmolitic for bladder spasms treatment. Owing to its muscle relaxant properties, the drug reduces unstable bladder contractions and consequently reduces the need to pass urine. 200 mg tablets are administered 3-4 times a day to relief dysuria, urinary urgency, nocturia, incontinence related to cystitis, urethritis or prostatitis.

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What is Generic Urispas?

Generic Urispas is an anticholinergic drug, which possesses an antimuscarinic effect. It works by relaxing smooth muscles of the bladder, thus relieving bladder pain, reducing urinary incontinence and urinary urgencies. However, the drug doesn’t treat the underlying condition, i.e. urinary, prostate and bladder infections and inflammation. The generic is produced by several companies and is marketed worldwide under various names.

When is Generic Urispas used?

Generic Urispas is used to treat bladder spasms and various urinary tract and bladder symptoms. It is administered for symptomatic improvement of interstitial cystitis, dysury, nocturia, uracrasia, urinary frequency and bladder pain and other accompanying symptoms of cystitis, urethritis, urethrocystitis or prostatitis. The medicine can also be administered to pregnant women when clearly needed.

How to take Generic Urispas?

Generic Urispas dosage and length of therapy will depend on the condition treated. It may vary from patient to patient, but as a rule the drug is administered in a dose of 100-200 mg 3 or 4 times a day. Tablets can be taken regardless to meals. Do not double the dose in attempt to catch up with the missed one. After subsidence of clinical signs, the dosage can be down-titrated.

What are Generic Urispas contraindications?

Generic Urispas is contraindicated to people with one of the following obstructive syndromes: duodenal or pyloric obstruction, enterolith ileus, digestive hemorrhage, achalasia, lower urinary tract obstructive uropathy. Inform your physician about your history of heart problems, eye condition, kidney disorders, muscle disease and enlarged prostatic gland. The medication shouldn’t be administered to infants and children under 12.

What are Generic Urispas side effects?

Generic Urispas side effects are usually minor and transient. Still, inform your physician if you experience drowsiness, dizziness, headache, dry mouth, eye pain, blurred vision, hyperexcitability, nausea or vomiting.

Where can one buy Generic Urispas?

One can buy Generic Urispas online. The medicine is available in tablet form with 200 mg strength. Each tablet contains flavoxate hydrochloride as the key ingredient. The price for the medicine as well as the delivery price will vary at different online drugstores, but it is still beneficial to buy drugs online than in local pharmacies.

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