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Generic Zestril 10mg

Generic Zestril 10mg online

Generic Zestril is a peroral long-acting ACE inhibitor used in hypertension and congestive cardiac failure treatment. It improves survival following a heart attack and allows heart to function more efficiently. 10mg once daily is prescribed for hypertension treatment and some other conditions of heart and vessels.

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What is Generic Zestril?
Generic Zestril is an ACE (angiotensin converting enzyme) inhibitor. It reduces the production of angiotensin II, a chemical that contracts the muscles in the arteries and raises the blood pressure. By reducing angiotensin, generic Zestril relaxes arterial muscles, enlarges the arteries, and lowers blood pressure. Thus, it is used to improve blood flow to the heart and to treat high blood pressure.

What are the indications for using Generic Zestril?
Generic Zestril is often prescribed to patients who are suffering from high blood pressure. It is also effective in treating heart failure and raising the chances of survival after a myocardial infraction (heart attack). It is also used for inhibiting kidney failure in individuals with diabetes and elevated blood pressure.

What is the dosage of Generic Zestril?
Generic Zestril comes in the form of 2.5, 5, 10, 20, 30, and 40mg tablets. The recommended starting dosage for treating elevated blood pressure is 10mg a day. It should then be increased to 20-40mg a day. The starting dose for heart failure is 5mg a day. It may then be gradually increased up to 20mg a day. For maximum effect, increase the dosage 10mg every two weeks. Individuals who had a heart attack need to start with 5mg a day, then change to 10mg every 48 hours, and then to 10mg a day. Each dose needs to be administered with a glass of water.

What are the contraindications for using Generic Zestril?
The drug should not be taken by a patient who is allergic to Zestril or to any other ACE inhibitor. It should never be taken with diabetes medication that contains aliskiren. Generic Zestril is contraindicated in patients with hereditary angioedema and may not be appropriate for those with liver disease or a connective tissue disease. Consult your doctor if you have any of those conditions.

What are the adverse effects of Generic Zestril?
The most common side effects of generic Zestril are: a cough, nausea, depression, diarrhea, skin rash, itching, headaches, and vomiting. Some of the more serious side effects include rapid weight gain, chest pain, psoriasis, lack of urination, light-headedness, chills, muscle weakness, fever, and uneven heartbeats. It has also been known to cause an allergic reaction in the form of severe stomach pain, hives, breathing difficulties, and swelling of the tongue, lips, face, and throat.

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