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Generic Zetia 10mg

Generic Zetia 10mg online

Zetia is an oral drug for high cholesterol level reduction. Unlike statin treatment it reduces absorption of cholesterol from the intestine and does't affect the absorption of triglycerides and fat-soluble vitamins. 10 mg tablets with Ezetimibe as key ingredient taken once daily is the standard dosage regardless age, weight and concomitant conditions of the patient. If prescribed together with statins or fenofibrates, both medications can be taken simultaneously.

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What is Generic Zetia?
Zetia (Ezetimibe) is a drug known for its effectiveness in lowering plasma cholesterol levels. Basically, Zetia acts by inhibiting and reducing the absorption of cholesterol in the small intestine. This occurs when the drug binds to a protein named NPC1L1, which plays a critical role in the absorption of cholesterol. While Zetia is known under several different names and sold in different countries, there are also generic versions of it available. These versions have the same active ingredients and uses, but can be produced and sold more affordably.

What are the indications for using generic Zetia?
This drug can be used to treat:

   -  High cholesterol levels (Hypercholesterolemia): a dangerous condition that is asymptomatic, but may cause atherosclerosis, artery plaques and stenosis, even heart attack and stroke.

   -  Sitostrolemia: a rare metabolic disorder characterized by excessive absorption of some sterols. Symptoms are very similar  to hypercholesterolemia, but may also include xanthomas, arthritis, and splenomegaly.

What is the dosage of generic Zetia?
Zetia is usually sold in the form of 10mg tablets, constituting the standard daily dose per adult. This drug should be kept in a dark, dry spot at room temperature and administered orally once a day. It may be taken with and without food. Some cases require a different dose than the one specified, so it’s best to consult a medical expert for more pertinent information. Treatment usually continues for weeks or months, with two weeks being the standard stretch of time when the drug’s effectiveness becomes evident.

What are the contraindications for using generic Zetia?
Zetia should not be administered to anyone allergic to it or its active ingredients. Pregnant women should only take Zetia when it is clearly needed and discuss its risks and benefits. A doctor should also be consulted by anyone with a history of liver disease, opting to take the drug. Several drugs are known to interact with Zetia, including cyclosporine, gemfibrozil, cholestyramine, colesevelam, colestipol, blood thinners, fibrates, and coumarin anticoagulants.

What are the adverse effects of generic Zetia?
Possible side effects from taking this drug include arthralgia, dizziness, respiratory tract infection, diarrhea, sinusitis, myalgia and fatigue. More serious reactions, such as muscle weakness, fever, chest pain, pancreatitis, sore throat, rash, headache, stomach pain, loss of appetite, and jaundice may occur. In these dangerous situations, it is vital to get medical help as soon as possible.

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