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Simvastatin 5mg

Simvastatin 5mg online

Simvastatin is a synthetically derived hypolipidemic agent used to treat various heart and vascular diseases and to control hypercholesterolemia and hyperlipidemia. The recommended dose ranges from 5mg to 40mg a day and is often started along with diet and exercising. Tablets are taken by mouth preferably before bedtime.

Simvastatin 10mg

Simvastatin 10mg online

Simvastatin is a lipid-lowering medication synthetically derived from Aspergillus terreus fermentation product. It is prescribed to people at risk of atherosclerotic vascular disease associated with hypercholesterolemia. 10 mg q24h is an adjunct drug therapy to diet restricted in cholesterol and saturated fats. It is also an average dose for children aged 10-17 with high cholesterol level.

Simvastatin 20mg

Simvastatin 20mg online

Simvastatin is a drug of the class of statins, which works by lowering cholesterol and triglycerides levels in the body. 20mg administered once daily together with diet, exercise and weight loss is a usual therapeutic regimen to control cholesterol in adults. Depending on the response the dosage may be up-titrated to 40mg per day. Pills are generally taken in the evening regardless to meals.

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What is Generic Zocor?
Generic Zocor is a lipid-lowering agent that belongs to the HMG CoA reductase inhibitor group of drugs, often referred to as “statins”. Statins inhibit an enzyme in the liver that is responsible for cholesterol production, thus leading to a reduction of cholesterol. Generic Zocor and other statins lower the triglycerides and the bad cholesterol (LDL) and increase the level of HDL, the good cholesterol, in the blood. These actions may slow down coronary artery disease.

What are the indications for using Generic Zocor?
Generic Zocor is used to lower the level of bad cholesterol and increase the level of good cholesterol in the blood, as well as to reduce triglycerides. It can also be prescribed to people who suffer from coronary heart disease, peripheral vascular disease, diabetes, or to those who have a history of stroke, in order to reduce their chance of death from stroke, coronary heart disease, and heart attack.

What is the dosage of Generic Zocor?
The exact dosage of generic Zocor should be determined by a medical practitioner in accordance with the patient's specific condition and medical history. This drug is available in 5, 10, 20, 40, and 50mg oral tablets. The recommended dosage is 5-40 mg once a day. The starting dosage is 10-20mg once a day, to be taken in the evening. Individuals who run a high risk of coronary heart disease due to diabetes, history of stroke or cerebrovascular disease, or peripheral vessel disease need to start out with a 40mg per day dosage. Generic Zocor is usually taken before bed or with a meal in the evening.

What are the contraindications for using Generic Zocor?
Generic Zocor should not be taken by individuals who are allergic to it or to one of its components. It is also contraindicated in children under the age of 10, pregnant and breast-feeding women, and people with liver disease. It may not be appropriate for individuals with diabetes, history of liver or kidney disease, thyroid disease, or for those who drink more than two alcoholic drinks a day.

What are the adverse effects of Generic Zocor?
Generic Zocor can sometimes cause side effects such as nausea, headaches, vomiting, abdominal or muscle pain, diarrhea, and abdominal liver tests. Like other statins, generic Zocor has been known to cause muscle inflammation and liver damage. These are serious potential side effects that require immediate medical attention.

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