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Everything You Want to Know about Erectile Dysfunction Drugs

Reduced erectile function can promote serious psychological problems and emotional imbalance in any man. Besides, this problem is very delicate and many men are too ashamed to discuss it with a doctor, so they have to fight it on their own. Erectile dysfunction medicines have become a real blessing for many couples who want to restore their sex lives; they play a great role in restoring sexual self-esteem of lots of men. However, there are some important nuances about erectile dysfunction drugs that any man should know before taking any of them:

  • Like any other medication, ED drugs have some contraindications – they should not be used together drugs containing nitrates (these are mainly preparations for heart diseases) as such combination can provoke extreme drop in blood pressure.
  • Although, ED drugs are pretty safe, one should know their possible side effects so that to be ready for any of them. Such medicines can provoke flushing, headache, heartburn, dizziness, back pain, runny nose and muscles aches.
  • One should not increase the dosage of the medicine, as it will increase the chances of side effects. If the standard dosage does not help, it’s better to talk about it with a medical professional. 
  • There is a variety of generic ED drugs and all of them work a bit differently – some may work only for a few hours, whereas others can help get an erection each time it’s needed within 2 days.
  • The partner should know that in spite of having taken an erectile dysfunction preparation the man still has to be sexually stimulated. The medicine promotes erection on the physiological level but, despite the pharmaceutical aid, foreplay is still required to create and maintain it.
  • If one erectile dysfunction preparation appears to be ineffective, it does not mean the man should give up on all ED medications. It’s beneficial to try all PDE5 inhibitors before switching to another line of treatment.
  • It’s better to avoid drinking alcohol and eating fatty foods when using such medicines. The alcohol and fat in foods will probably inhibit the effect of the drug.
  • By the way, about those erections that last for 4 hours… They can occur, but it happens extremely rarely.
  • One should plan when to have sexual intercourse because different drugs have to be taken at different times before sex – from 10 to 60 minutes before the beginning.
  • If the man is lucky enough, some health insurance schemes may cover ED medications, but usually not more than six pills per month.
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